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There are basically two types of mobile app development. The first is a per-determined features platform where the code has already been developed in-advance. Some my know it as a drag and drop platform. This platform has limitations to what you can do, but is a very cost effective way for developing a mobile app. Normally, this works great for non-profits and business apps.

Custom Mobile App

The second type of development is a custom coded mobile app. It is what it sounds like. You have an idea that no-one else has thought of, or you see a development and want to add your twist to it. This is where you present your idea on paper, create a wire-frame or email your notes. Having great documentation for your idea is one of the most important things needed when developing a custom mobile app.

Once you have all your documentation, the programmers takes the information and begin writing code to your specifications. The user Interface (UI) design work is normally done simultaneous. This can take anywhere from 30-120 days to complete. Depending on how complex the project is.

Note: My Pocket team can assist with developing a Wireframe for your project.


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Since 2010, My Pocket has been one of the top ranked companies for developing custom mobile apps. We have 1000’s of satisfied customers through the U.S and many parts of the world. Most of these customers purchase multiple products and services throughout the year. Its because we are responsive, polite, create stable software and provide competitive pricing.

Our mission is to have the best products and customer support in the industry. This ensures our longevity in a constantly changing industry.

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Android Mobile App
With over 2 billion users all over the World, Android app development can be a game changer for your existing or startup business. With adequate industry exposure and the latest Android technologies like Retrofit, Dagger, Butter Knife etc.
iOS Mobile App
We build secure, high-performance, and engaging iOS apps for the businesses targeting premium mobile users. With an advanced technical expertise in Swift, Objective C, with iOS Cocoa Touch SDK and Apple Xcode, we're raked among the top developers.
Hybrid App Development
For the business looking for an economic and effective solution that caters to both Android and iOS platforms, Hybrid app development can be a viable option. We can create an innovative app with attractive icons and smooth navigation.
Progressive Web App
Though technically a web app, PWA provides an app-like browsing experience and therefore, is more user-friendly. It offers various functionalities of native apps like low memory and data usage, offline access, push notifications, etc.
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My Pocket is a premium mobile app development company. We ensure the best quality mobile app service at reasonable prices to help your business succeed online. Ranging from an informational mobile app for a small business, or a feature-rich money making app - to an enterprise level custom application development.

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